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Primary Servicess provides complete security for your retail business in the UK. From small to large scale, we have the capacity and the right skills required to provide fool-proof retail security.

Our knowledge of the retail sector and understanding of different security challenges makes us unmatched when it comes to retail security in the region.

Our well-trained retail security staff are trained to deal with any type of security threat. With professional services of Primary Services your premises, employees and customers are well-protected round the clock.

Why hire Primary Services retail security guards?

Security should always be at the top of your retail business priority list regardless of it being a large or small scale business. We are living in a very sensitive time where the threats of shoplifting, property damage, and organized crime & terror attacks are very real and common for retail business. It is not just about protecting the assets and resources but also safeguarding the physical and financial well-being of your valued customers.

We have a dedicated team of male and female retail security staff who have been trained by our experts having years of experience in the concerned sector. Our professionally trained security personnel are capable of securing the premises in a professional yet discreet manner in order to maintain the integrity and reputation of your retail store.


Our security staff is trained to identifying any suspicious and anti-social behaviour and stop any criminal activity beforehand. From providing instant emergency response to monitoring all access points, we have all necessary security solutions for your retail business.

Our Retail Security Services

In order to ensure the protection of the premises, assets and your customers we keep a constant check on important areas and vulnerable areas of retail business. Our retail security department provides:

  • Loss & theft prevention
  • Covert Detectives
  • Anonymous shoppers
  • CCTV operators
  • Access points monitoring
  • Stock and assets security teams
  • Security and surveillance
  • Vehicle escorts
  • Electronic counter measures
  • Store staff security

We provide complete and bespoke security services for businesses in the retail industry. Furthermore, we are offering dual role responsibilities, alongside making sure of the security of your premises and customers we also plan ahead for evacuation procedures and also training your store staff for unforeseen security threats. We believe it is our duty to ensure that you are not only safe but also feel secure.

Go Secure With Primary Services

At Primary Services we always analyse the security requirements of your retail business and dedicate a team that is perfectly capable of handling security.

From providing security to small shops to delivering extensive security coverage to large shopping malls, we cover it all. Our security guards are fully conversed in mobile patrolling, to ensure not only the safety of the mall but to the whole site.

When it comes to providing elite security services, we are considered the industry leaders. With us you only get the most reliable, flexible and affordable retail security services. Call now to get a free no obligation quote.



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