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Primary Services is a pioneer in providing effective key holding and alarm response security services to companies around the UK. We understand the fact that your business needs 24/7 effective security measures to ensure the safety of your assets and property outside of office hours.

When you are not around, we are effectively on the lookout for your company premises to deter any criminal activity. We provide potent and quick fire response to any security breach around the premise site.

Not only that, our security staff is well rehearsed in dealing with any emergency and qualified in all the necessary health & safety measures.

Why hire Primary Services Key holding & Alarm Response Security team?

Key holding and alarm response security is a very cost effective security measure that removes the need for the company staff to respond to any emergency or alarm call. If there is any security breach Primary Services team will be on it immediately.

A team of professionally trained security staff will keep the keys of your premises at a safe and secure location so that in case an emergency arises an equipped and competent team are on to it in a flash.


You can rest easy and sleep tight as your professional security agency will be vigilant and patrolling the premises 24/7 to nullify any threat beforehand.

Quick and Efficient Alarm Response

Without efficient alarm response measures your company premises are open to all sorts of criminal activity. This is where a professional and quick alarm response team will make sure all such risks are deterred.

Alarm response solution will ensure that in case of any breach and criminal activity, the security will apprehend the trespassers and contact the local police immediately.

At Primary Services our security team is available at all times of the day so you don’t have to worry about anything. You won’t be required to put yourself or your team under any sort of risk in the middle of the night. Our team will tactfully take care of the situation and duly report to you about any incident.

We know the key holding and alarm response security your business needs

As a leading security agency we always discuss with you and analyse the security requirements your company needs. We will discuss with you and your staff to understand your security needs.

With that we will analyse the company’s internal and external situations to find any vulnerabilities. A survey will be conducted where our team will take into consideration the layout of your company. Moving on, we will provide you with a complete security strategy and how we will operate. We will then collect the keys of your premises and store them in a high security room close to your location.

Our staff is perfectly capable of effortlessly adapting to your company policies and requirements.  We are a reliable and flexible security service providing affordable and customized security packages just for you. Call now for a free no obligation quote.



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