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Primary Services is a full time corporate security service provider in Belfast and throughout the UK. We are the fastest growing security company in the region. As an independent security agency providing reliable, trustworthy and flexible corporate security services, we are your corporate security partner.

What is Corporate Security?

Corporate security’s function is to provide all-round protection to any organization. This covers everything from safeguarding IT infrastructure, employees, resources and any important company and customer information from external & internal threats.

Corporate security may also include hiring armed and trained personnel to accompany employees and also the procurement of security software & hardware to avert risks of any cyber or physical threat to the assets of any organization.

Why Do You Need Corporate Security?

Whether cyber or physical, criminals are always on trying out and finding new and smart ways to breach and gain unauthorized access to physical and intellectual property.

The numbers are rising especially when it comes to cybercrime. Alongside that, the security of the company personnel cannot be overlooked in such circumstances. Due to the increasing risk of cyber-attacks and intellectual property theft, corporate security has now become a necessity for small and medium business as well as large scale enterprises. In fact corporate security is one such area on which organizations spend the most of their budgets.

Why Primary Services For Corporate Security?

At Primary Services we pride ourselves in providing reliable and professional corporate security services. We empower our clients to tackle any risks to the corporation based on cutting technology, man power, emotional and interpersonal skills. From personnel security, crime & theft prevention to risk reduction, we are a complete security solution for our clients on which you can rely on.

We take time to understand your needs so we can assess your business from top to bottom and provide a tailored solution that matches your organizational needs.


As a leading security agency in the UK, we provide a complete array of security services. We will discuss with you about the nature of your business and the risks you are facing. Based on that information we will propose you some or all of the mentioned services.

  • Trained & licensed security personnel
  • Guard dogs
  • Alarm systems and Access Control systems
  • CCTV cameras
  • Escort Services
  • Data Security

We also conduct training sessions and meetings to keep you updated about new types of security threats and how your business can make timely decisions to avert any upcoming risks.

It is our aim to deliver you satisfactory corporate security services that you are looking for. With us you can rest assured and sleep easy while we take proper care of your organization and its resources. Primary Services provide a completely effective security solution in terms of service and the investment you make with us. We know how important your organization is for you and your customers, so let us help you avert all sorts of risks and save you thousands of pounds in losses and damages.

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