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After a busy day serving your customers, a professional cleaning service can relieve your working staff from extra workload at your restaurant. Professional cleaning services will help keep your restaurant’s inviting atmosphere intact and the customers will keep flowing in. At Primary Services we provide the best restaurant & leisure area cleaning services. We are located in Belfast and operate across the length and breadth of the UK.

As a trusted professional cleaning service provider for restaurants, we have adequate experience and skilled cleaners who will work day in and day out to make your restaurant shine. Our cleaning staff is well-versed in managing unique responsibilities in a restaurant which are crucial to maintain at all time. A single bad experience can ruin the reputation of your restaurant even if it concerns cleanliness and hygiene. We have the proper tools and equipment to degrease your high-volume kitchen and create a hygienic working environment for your employees.

Why Hire Primary Services Restaurant & Leisure Areas Cleaning Service?

You cannot afford to leave the cleaning and sanitizing of you restaurant in unequipped and untrained hands.

Unlike professional cleaning services most of the restaurant working staff do not have the expertise and the right knowledge to degrease the kitchen properly and clean the premises after hours. And let’s face it, after a hard day at work, it is never easy to rub and scrub the whole place efficiently. So when you outsource the cleaning job to a professional cleaning company like ours, we will take care of your restaurant so that you can maintain the best impression of your restaurant.

Our cleaning staff is properly trained in soft skills and are completely comfortable in properly conversing with your valued customers. They are perfectly capable of adapting to your restaurant’s policy. Our cleaning staff is always dressed properly in a janitorial uniform equipped with safety gear, masks and caps. We take your restaurant’s reputation seriously

Benefits of Hiring Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services

The importance of keeping your restaurant clean is of utmost importance. With a professional restaurant cleaning company at your side you can get all the benefits that many successful businesses are already enjoying.

First impressionA professionally cleaned and organized restaurant has its own appeal. A place looking clean and shining will attract more customers.

Health SafetySanitized and clean restaurant and its kitchen is paramount for the health & safety of your employees and customers.

Health inspectionsWhen the next health inspection comes in, you will be more confident than ever. Professional cleaning services will help keep your restaurant on the very top.

Our Expert Restaurant Cleaning Services

Our client-centric approach to keeping your restaurant clean and sanitized is meant to provide complete satisfaction. Coupled with extremely structured pricing that guarantees complete value for money. Below are our complete restaurant cleaning services.

  • Facades and Window cleaning
  • Entrance areas and stairs cleaning and mopping
  • Complete cleaning of sitting and standing areas
  • Floor mopping, waxing, polishing
  • Degreasing kitchen
  • Sanitisation of bathrooms
  • Table cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Throwing out the trash
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