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The professionals at Primary Services have been providing expert cleaning services to medical facilities and establishments in the UK. When it comes to medical establishment, the cleanliness of the premises is of paramount importance.

We understand how different medical facilities have different cleaning requirements and the importance of maintaining those standards are very crucial. For your staff and patients a clean and healthy environment is absolutely vital. That is why Primary Services is your perfect partner maintaining a healthy and clean of facility. Professionalism, integrity and reliability are the core values of our service. We have right experience to deliver beyond expectation.

Why Hire Primary Services Medical Facility Cleaning Services

When it comes to a medical facility, cleaning goes beyond maintaining the appearance of the facility. In a medical facility hygiene is a top priority for the patients and authorities. Failure to maintain cleanliness may result penalization or in the worst case closure of the medical facility. And while your top priority is dealing with the patients, our staff will make sure that cleanliness is maintained according to the set standards. The professional cleaning services of Primary Services will keep your medical facility spotless and perfectly healthy for both the staff and patients.


Our medical facility cleaners are specially trained for maintaining the cleanliness of the establishment. They have the experience of managing the sanitisation of the facility and have the required equipment to provide complete deep cleaning.

Secondly, hiring a professional cleaning agency like Primary Services is always an affordable option. Asking your working staff of extra duties such as cleaning the office after working hours would require more pay for the staff and the facility will still be very poorly cleaned. Hiring professional cleaners will help reduce your cleaning cost and the medical facility will be completely sanitized.

Our Medical Facility Cleaning Services

We are here to provide you a complete range of cleaning services that are tailored to your facility requirements. Our staff are well-prepared and have the complete knowledge of how to proceed with cleaning of medical facilities.

Our cleaning services expand to all local & general hospitals, clinics, veterinarians and all other healthcare facilities.

The complete range of services we provide are listed below

  • Day/Night, Daily & Weekly services
  • Customized cleaning for all areas including stairs and waiting rooms
  • Bathroom sanitisation
  • Kitchen sanitisation and deep cleaning
  • Specialized cleaning of operating, emergency rooms and wards
  • Cleaning of Cafeteria and dining commons
  • Cleaning of Lab areas
  • Trash Removal
  • Floor mopping and cleaning

Our medical facility cleaning services are not limited to the above mentioned services. If you require additional services you just need to call us. In order to get the best medical facility cleaning services contact us now for a free quote.




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