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Primary Services has been providing security services for the hotel industry across the UK for years now. With experience such as ours, you will get only superior hotel security services tailor-made for your hotel business.

At Primary Services we have fully equipped security staff who are not only experienced in handling small to large security matters, but also well-trained for exceptional customer service.

It is not just about safeguarding the guests and the premises, but also maintaining the reputation of your hotel. Our trained security staff knows all too well how to delicately handle the needs of your customers.

Why Hire Primary Services Hotel Security Services?

In times such as these where crime and unwanted incidents have become a regular theme, the security of your hotel is of paramount importance. So when it comes to protecting the premises to prevent any damages, you will need the absolute best to keep an eye out for you.

Hotel owners and managers are well aware of the fact that the security of the residing guests and the premises is always a top priority. But many lack the necessary skills, qualification and experience to manage the complete security of a hotel.


At Primary Services we have fully trained personnel who are more than capable of securing your hotel from all external and internal threats. Whether it is reception security, guest safety, theft and crime prevention or maintaining control inside the premises, we have solutions for every aspect of your hotel security.

What Can You Expect From Our Hotel Security Team?

While you focus on guest accomodation, our security team will be out there keeping an eye out for every minute detail in terms of security and surveillenace.

Our security team will be available at every access point of the hotel to prevent all external threats. We provide you with CCTV monitoring to spot anything suspicious in and around the hotel premises.

We know the standard of security you need for your guests, that is why hiring vigilant security guards will effectively prevent all criminal activity. 

Our Complete Hotel Security Services

Primary Services is perfectly equipped to provide you with a complete range of hotel security services. Our security services is designed to pay attention to every detail.  With us you get:

  • Protection for guests and your employees
  • Patrolling of car parks and area surrounding the hotel
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Maintaining the integrity of the hotel
  • Ability to combat any emergency threats
  • Help train hotel staff with safety measures

You can always expect friendly hotel security personnel from Primary Services. Our team will adapt to the your hotel policies. If you would like the personnel to look rather professional, we can have them wear a more formal outfit to fit in with your hotel branding. We will work with you to analyse security requirements of your hotel and the number of guards the premises require.

So hire the most reliable and affordable hotel security services in the UK from Primary Services.



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