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At Primary Services we provide round the clock security services to small and large manufacturing industries in all over UK. We are perfectly equipped to handle every industrial security issues, providing complete safeguarding solutions.

We are aware of the fact industries and factories are home to expensive and valuable machinery and stocks. This makes them a prime target for criminals and since such high volumes of visitors and workers go in and out of the entry points, your factory or warehouse are extremely vulnerable to theft or organized criminal activity.

With that in mind, Primary Services has a professionally trained and dedicated security team to carefully analyse the vulnerable points of your factory or manufacturing unit and provide a security solution perfectly crafted according to your needs.

How can Primary Services help secure your premises?

In order to understand the security needs we work closely with you and your staff to find the right loss prevention solutions. We hear your concerns and demands and prepare a strategy that fits your industrial security needs and budget accordingly.


Our round the clock industrial and warehouse security services include:

  • Industrial site and factory security
  • Gatehouse security
  • Warehouse security
  • Vehicle and Parking security surveillance
  • Modular buildings for staff which can be deployed quickly
  • Risk Assessment Reports & Safety Plan
  • Night security personnel
  • 24 hour Security guards
  • Mobile Patrolling
  • First Response Vehicle Unit
  • CCTV installation and surveillance
  • Access point security
  • First Response Team
  • Control room staff
  • Load checking

We safeguard your assets and your business

Industries and warehouses stock machinery and goods worth millions of pounds. Every year many industry owners bear huge losses due to theft and unmonitored inventory.

All this happens due to the fact that right security measures were not in place. That is why it is imperative for you to have the best professionals who are trained to identify threats beforehand and deter the criminal activity in the waiting.

Our security guards and staff will keep track of all visitors, employees and delivery drivers coming in and out of the premises. We will check the identification of every staff member and ensure everyone including our security staff comply with all security measures.

Furthermore, we are able to intercommunicate with the local police, if needed, to ensure maximum security and a secure environment in and around the industry and warehouse.

Tailor-made Industry & Warehouse Security Solutions by Primary Services

As a leading security agency in the UK we have been providing comprehensive security solutions to industries of all sizes. That is why we understand, in order for your business to maintain its integrity and have success, the security of your assets, stocks and workforce is crucial for consistent distribution process.

Whether a long-term security solution or temporary one, you can rely on us to provide flexible industry and warehouse security that suits your business and budget. Call now to get a free no obligation quote.



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