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Primary Services provides mobile patrols for businesses and homeowners in all over UK. We are providing complete protection and patrol security for factories, gated communities, neighbourhoods, private property, etc. Other areas include commercial complexes, construction sites and all the other areas of properties.

Our patrol services include handling alarm response and all sorts of emergencies. We provide effective deterrent to any security threat around your premises through vigilant patrolling.

The benefits of hiring Primary Services mobile patrols

In times such as these, criminal activities have been on a high lately. This is where mobile patrols provide a complete security solution with proven record for effective crime deterrent in residential and commercial areas alike. One cannot rely solely on neighbourhood watch communities as they lack the required expertise and equipment to handle security issues.

Another great benefit of Mobile patrol is the presence of professionals, in uniform which discourages any possible crime attempt.

At Primary Services we have a well-trained staff, who are vigilant and confident and are competent to adapt to the requirements of your neighbourhood or company.


Our patrol teams provide the following services:

Scheduled/covert patrols

  • Static Security Guards

Stationary officers and vehicles in high-risk locations

  • Foot patrols in congested zones
  • Property Surveys (including vacant units)
  • Manning gates, access points
  • Key holding
  • Perimeter checks

Our uniform mobile guards consistently visit the premises and neighbourhood at agreed times to provide assurance and peace of mind.

Furthermore, our mobile security also includes CCTV surveillance, if needed, to enhance security surveillance.

Primary Services Mobile Patrol Teams

With us your residents and company premises are safe and secure. Our professionally trained staff are trained to identify signs of trouble and deal with them proactively. Our men are constantly in contact with the control room so that extra security could be deployed at a moment’s notice, whenever required. We also liaise with local police to ensure the area is under constant protection.

From security breaches, instant emergency response, first aid and screening, our mobile patrol security team can handle it all.  We also provide evacuation drills and all such trainings for unforeseen incidents.

Enhance Your Security with Primary Services Mobile Patrols

Our well-trained security team is perfectly conversed in dealing with different security issues. We know your security requirements are different to other businesses and communities. With Primary Services you can rest assured as we are fully capable, equipped and have the experience of providing you with complete patrol solutions. Our team will adapt according to the policies of your business so that your integrity and reputation is maintained

If your customers or employees are particularly fearful of the location of your business premises because of past criminal activities, we can efficiently take care of that too. Our patrol team will not only secure the area prior to the arrival of guests or employees, but they will also escort them to the entry or access point. It is our job to make you feel secure. Contact us now for a free no obligation quote.

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