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If you are looking for a reliable and expert cleaning service for schools and kids’ nurseries, then Primary Services is the perfect cleaning solution for you. We have been providing professional cleaning services for schools and children’s nursery for years now. We deliver reliability, flexibility and trustworthiness to our clients so that children can learn in a safe and healthy environment.

Our cleaning staff follows professional cleaning standards making sure that learning spaces and classrooms are safe, clean and healthy. Our cleaning staff goes through training modules where they learn in theory and in practice how to delicately deal with kids while carrying out necessary cleaning operations.

Why Hire Primary Services School and Nurseries Cleaning Services?

Maintaining hygiene and a healthy environment is vital for any school or nursery. You just cannot afford to compromise on the safety of the future generations. And when it comes to cleaning, the management and the staff often does not have the required experience, expertise and the equipment to work in close proximity with children. A dirty and unmaintained nursery hinders a child’s intellectual and physical growth. This is where professional cleaners like Primary Services come with years of experience in providing a perfectly healthy environment, not just for the kids but also for the teaching staff.

While you are busy caring for the kids and managing the school, we take care of the hygiene of the school premises. Our cleaning staff will maintain cleanliness by regular mopping on walkways and corridors throughout the day and a cleaning round at day end. The cleaning staff is equipped with necessary cleaning equipment so that the process requires less time and can be carried out at times when physical activity is low.

To ensure safety of your students our cleaning staff goes through a background check before they are hired. Their physical and mental health is also taken into account before they can take up the job. Moreover, the cleaning staff is trained to treat children with utmost kindness and care while doing their job. All of these measures ensure that you only get the best service and the children can learn and grow in a safe and secure premises.

Our Complete School and Nurseries Cleaning Services

We provide a complete range of cleaning services to your schools and nurseries. From disinfecting baby rooms to cleaning the classrooms, sanitizing bathroom and cafeteria, we do it all. Our comprehensive cleaning services include everything you require.

Our expert cleaning services for school and nurseries include

  • Thorough floor cleaning and mopping
  • Clearing out and recycling trash from every room in the premises
  • Washroom sanitizing
  • Providing hand sanitizers and toilet paper
  • School kitchen cleaning and degreasing
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuuming around the premises
  • Cleaning the stairs and ceilings
  • Cleaning outside of working hours
  • Air freshening units and sprays for offices, rooms and class rooms around the premises
  • Professional key holding services to maintain the cleanliness of the school and nursery on weekends.

Our complete school and nursery cleaning services are not limited to the above mentioned cleaning services. You can get any additional and customized cleaning services in our capacity tailored to suit your nursery & school cleaning requirement. Our customer service is available round the clock. Contact now to get a free estimation.

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